Matt Tarrant co-founder


My salon industry experience

After 30 years in the salon world representing top quality brands, (Bumble & bumble, Toni & Guy and Moroccanoil among others), and the last two exclusively focused on hair extensions with the most popular distributor brand, I have a rare insight into how to help stylists have outrageous success in this category.

I have met with thousands of stylists in large and small salons, stylists renting a chair or suite, in large cities like Boston and Miami, and smaller towns like St. Johns, Newfoundland. 

90% of these stylists did not do extensions because they believed they were better off doing cuts and colors.

9% of these stylists had between 3-5 different extension clients and believed that was the best their clientele and area could provide.

A very small number of these stylists service 15-20 different extension clients and I met some who do 50-60 extension clients!

How I can help you

The skills and behaviors that lead to 15 or more extension clients can be learned by any stylist if they commit to a plan.

We have that plan, we can teach you the skills and behaviors to grow your business and do it mostly from your existing clients. Call us today and start increasing your service dollars and client referrals!


Jigar Desai, Co-Founder

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