It's More Than Hair

100% Human Hair Extensions + Hands On Education = Happier Clients/Referrals

Customized education formats


Experienced with Tape In extensions already?


  • For $25 and less than one hour of your time you can test our hair for yourself at a local salon. (Call for dates and locations in your area)
  • With our process, you no longer need to clarify shampoo extensions when doing a move-up.
  • With our specially formulated tape, you can easily remove ours with no tearing and no residue!


It's More Than a Basic Extensions Class

Two hours with 90 minutes of that being stylists doing hands-on practical work installing and moving-up one pack of real  hair on a manikin.


It's More Than as Advanced Extensions Class

Four hours with stylists installing 2 packs of real hair and taking the hair and the manikin home  to  practice on.

One Skype call offering private and  custom coaching is included with your ticket.

Feedback on our hands-on classes

Stylist feedback on our two-hour class

Stylist feedback on our four-hour class