We help stylists make more money without working more hours

How do we do this?


We enable you to offer clients quick extension services using inventory in your salon.  (Only $364.75 to get started)

Our 6 colors = 18 different combinations.


No need to stock 60 colors and try to match your clients exact color!  Our three highlight shades & three solid shades create enough options for most clients.

Provide your clients top three wishes, quickly!


Add dimensional color, volume or length in 10 to 30 minutes without needing to book another appointment next week!   

$300-$700 per week in new service dollars!

Your existing clients will love  you even more and you will attract more referrals!
This is 2 client

The most financially successful extension stylists focus on clients where 1-2 packs of hair makes a big difference.  At ~$75 to install a pack of hair in 10 minutes, service dollars grow quickly!

Step One, test our hair for yourself.


Is our hair good enough to protect and even improve your reputation? We guarantee it is.  You can test one sandwich of ours or one or two packs at half price.  In six weeks if  you don't feel it is top quality hair we will refund your  half-price purchase.

Step Two, get certified online for $49.


 Learn how to attract your existing clients to spend more money with you.  Our 15 minute refresher course will have you attracting two extension clients per week.  Receive a free swatch ring upon completion. (value $95)

Step Three, purchase our Growth Package


One pack of each color in 17" length (6 packs of hair, ten wefts per pack), and receive one swatch ring demonstration tool free. $364.75.  Your price is $315.75 as you get a credit of the $49 certification fee. 

Step Four, Start marketing to your clients.


Use our imagery to let your clients know they can add dimensional color, volume and a little length in only 10 - 30 minutes.

Continue to improve financially & artistically.


We have Hands-On classes available.  We will be introducing additional extension methods in early 2020. 

what to look for in a hair extensions brand

Hair Quality and Value for Money


No distributors, no stores, no celebrity endorsements; 100% human, cuticle intact hair at a really great price. (Only sold to professional stylists)

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Tape Performance


Stays in place perfectly for 8 weeks minimum.

Removes in seconds per weft with zero residue.

You remove the old adhesive quickly without ripping the template so that the tape stays thin, flat and very comfortable.

Ours is the middle one.

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Education-Quality, Price & Availability


Online videos cover all the bases for experienced extension stylists.

Regional Hands-On classes add advanced techniques with hands-on practice.

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Our colors


We have solid colors in  5, 6 and 60A along with three highlighted colors: 2/4, 6/10 and 12/600.

They are available in 17"and 21".

Seeking Great Educators


I believe that great stylists who are successful behind the chair are the best people to guide other stylists. (So long as they have great people skills and are inspired to help others). My goal is to connect with them, get their input on what makes for the best education experience and then empower them to deliver that experience to other stylists.

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Our Prices


We only sell to licensed cosmetologists.

Please text or email a copy of your license and a photo of  the outside of your salon to  (703) 547-7307  or matt@itsmorethanhair.com.

We will then give you access to the shopping cart page.

Our Customer Service

Placing your order


Call us, email us, text us or place your order online.  Whichever is easiest for you.



Next-Day if placed before 2.00 pm East Coast time.

(PA, MD, VA. States further away take longer for standard shipping)

$9.95 per order.



We guarantee 100% against manufacturing defects for 60 days from purchase.  We will have a conversation on this even if you have colored the hair extensions.



 We will exchange unopened hair packs at no charge except for the $9.95 to ship  the replacement hair out. 

Problem Solving


We will take steps to solve your  problem  during your first phone call to us.  Our first step is to listen to you and understand what is happening at your end.

Help us get better


We would love to hear from you about what you enjoy best from us and what we could offer you to make our relationship even better!