100% human cuticle intact remy hair

Our hair extensions

There are 10 wefts to a pack and each weft is 2.5 grams of hair.

It is available in six colors from which you can easily make 18 different combinations.

2/4, 5, 6, 6/10, 60A, 12/600

It is 100% human hair, cuticles facing the same direction.

It has a slight body wave when air-dried. It can be worn straight or wavy.

The coloring process is unique to extensions and is not one of the typical lightening procedures used in salons. 

It takes three weeks to create the lighter blonde shades with a gentle and moisturizing process.

You should not attempt to lighten the extensions as it they already colored and as a professional stylist you know that artificial color does not lift consistently.

You can deposit color using a semi or demi-color and we recommend no more than two levels darker for optimum color results.

Our adhesive/tape

The tape is medical grade and will stay in for at least 12 weeks. However, we recommend a move-up between 6 and 8 weeks to keep tangling and visibility of the tape to a minimum.

You will be able to remove the old adhesive in seconds per weft leaving no residue and then apply new adhesive keeping the tape thin, pliable and comfortable for the client.

The recommended bond remover is 99% isopropyl alcohol and one option is Beauty Secrets Professional Cleansing Alcohol 32 oz. at Sally Beauty Supply.  As a second option you can also go to Cosmoprof Beauty and get their Marianna Isopropyl Alcohol Remover.

If you wish to use up the remainder of your alcohol bond remover from your existing brand it works perfectly fine. (Don’t use an oil-based remover or you will need to clarify shampoo the extensions and clients’ hair and the blow-dry it all)

It is double -drawn and still has a slight taper.  It will add the volume and thickness you desire at the ends without  taking too much time blending.

It is available in three  lengths, 11", 17” and 21".

A comprehensive Home Care regimen card is available for professional stylists. Please email matt@itsmorethanhair.com and request a copy.

Prices are available once you receive your professional login credentials.

Please email a photo of your stylists’ license to matt@itsmorethanhair.com along with a photo of the outside of your salon.

100% human hair Tape-In extensions with cuticles facing the same directions.
Straight or wavy.
100% human hair Tape-In extensions with cuticles facing the same directions. Straight or wavy.

Our tape will stay in for 12 weeks

We  recommend move-ups between 6 and 8 weeks as is usual for regular maintenance.

How does our hair and tape stand up to real life?

We don't recommend swimming in the ocean as being good for extensions but this salon owner tested us by swimming under water for six straight days and experienced no slipping and loves how her hair feels.