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Gorgeous, sexy, vibrant, human hair!

Choose from Dimensional Color, youthful Volume and glamorous Length.

You can have one, two or all three!

Our most popular services

Dimensional Color


Our extensions will give you dimensional color with zero damage and no regrowth!

Youthful Volume


Add volume to your sides and front in only 15 minutes!

Glamorous Length


Add  2" or 18", or something in between.  Grow out your haircut in only 30 minutes!

Our clients experiences


The dimensional color is so flattering!

These highlighted extensions give me texture and volume.   When I air-dry them I love the soft wave pattern, it matches my own hair perfectly!


Adding volume to fine hair

My hair was getting so thin at the front and sides and now it looks like it did ten years ago!  I can blow-dry it smooth or air-dry it for a more  textured finish.


Adding a little length

I just wanted to add a couple of inches length and my stylist did that in only 30 minutes!   And I was able to add some highlights at the same time!

Our Hair


Sourcing our hair

Our resources in India, China and Asia enable us to utilize the finest hair available throughout  the world. Our hand-selected hair is from donors  under 30 years of age.


Manufacturing Process

Our boutique factory processes our hair to our specific requirements. The density, length and colors are chosen by  us in response to our clients wishes.  


Installed and guaranteed by stylists

We only sell to skilled stylists and provide them with the education and support that gives salon clients the best possible experience. 

Home Care video: Shampoo Day Regimen

Video will be available October 31st. 2019

Home Care Video: Non-Shampoo Day Regimen

Video will be available October 31st. 2019

Home Care Video: Evening Regimen

 Video will be available October 31st. 2019 

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Integrity: we do the right thing when no one is looking.

Loyalty: we aspire to speak as if the other person is listening to everything we are saying about them.

Compassion: we treat others as we wish to be treated in a similar situation.

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